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"Don’t wish for it, work for it"

Weight management is a tool to craft our physiological processes to suit us and let us reach the ideal weight. Our weight determines our entire being – a lean body type is less dependent, less lethargic, and allows the mind to think positively. In our fast paced daily lives, considering all the distractions that we have it has been quite difficult to live a healthy lifestyle.

Here, we embrace our clients who take the first step of improvement, by admitting the need for living healthy. We have customized and personalized plans for weight loss, weight gain or remain balanced.

We believe in a holistic and natural approach to your well being and hence prescribe a healthy plan to suit you. A plan to help you be a better you.


    It’s easy – our EKA Life Nutritionists does the work for you.

    You DON’T have to count points or calories, or try and figure out what the right foods are for your personal needs. You DON’T have to read labels and calculate fat and protein content. All you have to do is follow the meal plan and buy the foods on the list.


    EKA Life Fitness Centre provides one of the leading weight loss programs and total body health destination for individuals seeking to lose weight in a healthy way. Nutrition and exercise are at the core of our weight loss program. With the support of our fitness, health and nutrition professionals our clients are able to embrace a healthy lifestyle that is personalized and sustainable.

    Whether you’re looking for a healthy comprehensive weight loss intervention or a program that will help you jump-start your health goals, EKA Life Fitness Centre is the right place for you.

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